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Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce: BR+E Plan

With a mission to be a leading voice in the growth and development of business and the community, Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce embarked on a regional Business Retention and Expansion program in order to guide and support regional businesses with innovation and growth.


To create a comprehensive, innovative and inclusive Business Retention and Expansion program that meets the needs of 13 communities that are located across the large geographical region in order to help foster investment, prosperity and growth.


Taking grassroots approach to the project through the involvement and engagement of community stakeholders, KJCO in partnership with Markey Consulting developed and implemented a tailored Business Retention + Expansion Program throughout the Almaguin Highlands. A variety of actions and methodologies that ranged from data analysis, volunteer recruitment and training, survey adaption, business and community consultations, to strategy development and more were undertaken to develop a deep understanding of the challenges, opportunities and needs of the region and to create a realistic, implementable plan for the future.

This is the largest regional BR+E that has been completed in Ontario to date.