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Case Studies

Canada Meat Group: Business Development

Canada Meat Group is a meat processing facility establish in North Bay in 2020. The company has been working with KJCO since inception in 2017 to develop and build a federally licensed meat processing facility that will focus on delivering high-quality, halal meat products to markets locally, provincially and globally.


To develop a business plan and access funding through federal, provincial and municipal programs as well as traditional banks. The business plan was used as a tool to guide the development and start-up of the business. Canada Meat Group retained KJCO after the business plan development phase to facilitate the creation of the company and establish community partnerships in order to foster a smooth transition from Ukraine to Canada.


KJCO developed a comprehensive business plan that identified industry trends, target audiences, communication strategies, funding requirements and an overview of business operations. KJCO continued to work with the Canada Meat Group team to build the facility, source equipment, hire staff and establish the company within the meat industry. KJCO also assisted in integrating the Canada Meat Group team and their families into the community after immigrating from overseas.