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Create new habits that work

Finding ways to feel motivated and inspired is critical to businesses success. One way to achieve this is by creating new habits that align with what you want to accomplish. It is important to remember that it takes time before a new behaviour becomes automatic. How much time depends on the person, the circumstances and the desired behaviour.

An effective approach to making a habit permanent is to change your mindset to align with your new habit. For example, change your way of thinking to believe you are a morning person if waking up earlier is a habit you want to form. By adopting this perception, you will be more likely to make a change because you already see yourself in this light.

Here are 5 steps you can take to help make a new habit stick:

  1. Seek clarity on what you are actually looking to accomplish. Without a clear direction or desire, it is hard to put action into place.

Example: I want to write a book.

  1. Commit to performing the new habit at a specific day, time and location to ensure that you know exactly when you need to show up.

 Example: At 9:00 a.m. every day, I will sit at my kitchen table and spend 30 minutes working on my book.

  1. Tell someone else about your new habit so they can help hold you accountable and encourage you to fulfill your desire.

Example: I will tell a family member or friend that writing a book is important to me so that they can check in occasionally and ask me how my book is coming along.  

  1. Identify a cue or trigger that can remind you it is time to do your new habit.

Example: Every morning after I finish my cup of coffee, I will spend 30 minutes working on my new book.

  1. Align your mindset by engaging in positive self-talk and continuously building your skills.

Example: I am an author. I will spend time reading the books that I enjoy. I will follow authors that I admire on social media. I will continue to work on improving my writing skills.                                             

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