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Achieve Growth During Uncertainty

Operating a business, let alone trying to grow, in a climate full of uncertainty and constant change is challenging to say the least. The perpetual COVID-19 situation continues to force us to make changes on the fly, and it has become extremely difficult to plan for the future of a business.

Although planning for and achieving growth in our current climate may be difficult, it is far from impossible… You just need to apply the right toolset to do so.

Here are some tips to help you begin to grow your business amid continuing uncertainty:

Embrace the uncertainty

After 2 years of constant changes and requirements to adapt our businesses, I think we can all agree that uncertainty is here to stay. We never expected this pandemic to last so long, but alas here we are. If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace the uncertainty. Stop thinking of uncertainty in a negative manner. Consider all the new opportunities that are driven by uncertainty and the positive effects these could have on your business.

Be adaptable

Adaptability is the ability to learn and apply knowledge flexibly, and it’s absolutely necessary when going through a period of change. Although it’s a vital skill, it does not come naturally. You must continuously work on and nurture this skill to maintain and grow it. Be more adaptable with these 5 tips.

Think big picture

Focus on your overall vision, mission, and values. Always keep the “bigger purpose” of your business near the front of your mind. While day-to-day operations are important, try not to make them the center of your attention. Putting too much focus on your day-to-day operations can actually become a hindrance and make it difficult to achieve your overall goals.

Take the future into your own hands

Take the future of your business into your own hands. Stop thinking about what you think is going to happen and focus on what you want to happen; what do you want the future of your business to look like? The interesting thing about uncertainty is that it allows for more change than the normal status quo… There is more room for innovation, creativity, and new thoughts or ideas. Create a flexible and adaptable road map for how you will make this happen.