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Are Winter Blues Turning Into Business Blues?

Don’t let the cold weather and shorter days bring your business down. If you are beginning to feel the impact of a cold and harsh winter, it may be time to implement a few strategies to ensure your productivity doesn’t suffer.

  1. Schedule regular time away from your business to focus on something that motivates you. This could be taking an afternoon off to work on a hobby, planning a mini excursion or day trip with your family or spending a morning curled up with a good book. Plan activities on a regular basis so you always have something to look forward to. If you have employees, consider how they may be feeling and provide similar opportunities to motivate them.
  2. Assess the lights in your work environment.  Consider changing it if you notice that the standard florescent office lighting is causing a sterile feel. Open blinds or curtains to get in as much natural light as possible. If the lighting is something you are not able to change, add lamps to help cozy the environment. You may also wish to consider light therapy lamps to enhance the lighting.
  3. Visit your favourite tea/coffee shop and select a variety of hot beverages to have on hand. A selection of flavours can help perk you up in the middle of your day. Sometimes the smallest enhancements can make a big difference.
  4. Brainstorm creative ideas for a new project with your team or your colleagues. It could be anything from starting a new product line, pitching a new client, researching a new opportunity or re-designing your office. Whatever you chose, make sure it is something that inspires you and gets your creativity flowing. Set goals to accomplish your project before the warm weather arrives!

Sometimes all it takes is a small change to make a big difference in your productivity.

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