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Be more productive NOW with these 9 habits

Do you need a productivity boost? Try these 9 tips to start being more productive today:

1. Prioritize

    Prioritize your list of actions based on your goals. This includes creating a to-do list with a list of tasks and completion timelines.

    2. Batch Your Work

      Create time blocks to focus on specific work. Stop wasting time switching back and forth between different tasks.

      3. Schedule Time

        Schedule uninterrupted time to complete tasks, join meetings, spend time with friends or family and time to relax.

        4. Communicate

          Communicate your unavailability to your team. Scheduling time is important, but if you don’t communicate your availability, you will have trouble sticking to your schedule.

          5. Remove Distractions

          Remove potential distractions from your workplace or workspace. For example, if you are surrounded by distracting sounds, try using noise-cancelling headphones.

          6. Delegate

            Delegate tasks & responsibilities where possible. Focus on completing the most important tasks and delegate what you can to others.

            7. Use your Time Wisely

            Complete difficult tasks at your most productive times. Don’t save the most tedious task for the end of the day when you know you will not be able to focus. Try completing it first thing. It will make you feel accomplished and most likely you will be more productive for the remainder of the day.

            8. Avoid Multi-Tasking

              Avoid multi-tasking & stay focused. Try putting your phone on silent, mute your email notifications and close your door while you’re completing a task.

              9. Say NO

                Learn to say no when necessary. Even the most productive people can’t do everything. It’s important to know your limits and not push yourself past them.