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Dreaming, Thinking, Storytelling And Leading: How It All Fits Together Within Entrepreneurship

"A business without a dream is like a life without a purpose.” – Michael Gerber

We all know that starting a business can be a daunting task and something that always looks much easier than it really is. After reading Michael Gerber’s, Awakening the Entrepreneur Within, I realized that even some of the most successful entrepreneurs still feel overwhelmed with the idea of starting or expanding a venture.

In his book, Michael Gerber breaks down the personality traits required in entrepreneurship. According to Gerber, there are four dimensions involved in developing a successful small business. To be successful, you must be aware of and understand these components.

  • The Dreamer – the part of you with the Dream
  • The Thinker – the part of you with the Vision
  • The Storyteller – the part of you with a Purpose
  • The Leader – the part of you with a Mission

Each personality trait plays an important role.

The Dreamer is where the “what” happens, this is where the idea unfolds and the dream is developed. “The Dreamer lives at the centre of the entrepreneur’s heart”, says Gerber.

The Thinker represents the “how” component of the idea. The Thinker’s left-brain thinking complements The Dreamer’s right side to develop a well-thought out vision.

The Storyteller conveys the message through stories and conversations. The Storyteller relies on people to communicate with and is the voice for both the Dreamer and the Thinker.

The Leader is responsible for carrying out the plan that the Dreamer, Thinker and Storyteller have built. Once the foundation has been set and it is up to the Leader to make the dream become reality.

As an entrepreneur, each one of these traits lay within you and it is up to you to call upon your strengths in these areas to allow yours business to be a success. Reach within and challenge yourself to be the best Dreamer, the best Thinker, the best Storyteller and the best Leader you can possibly be. Success lies within you.

We strongly encourage you to read this book if you are looking to start a new business or expand an existing one.

Awakening the Entrepreneur Within, Michael Gerber