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Graduation and Entrepreneurship - A Similar Journey

My step-daughter just graduated from high school and during this time I had the opportunity to reflect back on my youthful days. I thought about the friends I had, the teachers and coaches that inspired me, my dreams and goals and my overall perspective on life. During her graduation ceremony, I looked back at my younger self and wondered "If I knew then, what I know now, would I have changed my life choices? Would I have done things differently?"

Sure, perhaps there are some things I would like to have done differently, but every decision I have made in my life has led me to where I am today. While, I may not have made the finest decisions along my life path, I certainly have no regrets. The hard life lessons I have learned has helped shape me and my company into what we are today. 

As an entrepreneur, I can only express gratitude towards the experiences I have had and the people that have crossed my path. Everything always has a funny way of working out. I know now, I am exactly where I should be. 

I look at my step-daughter who is about to fly the nest and I am inspired by her blank canvas for the future. A canvas that she can paint however she wishes that will be filled with new decisions, new friendships, new life lessons and new experiences. I am excited for what she will accomplish and the adult she will grow into.

Running a business is just like graduating high school and entering into a new life chapter. When I think about the tips I would give to her, they are the same tips I would give to any of our entrepreneurial clients.  If you are starting a new business or growing your existing business, these tips can apply to you too. 

  1. Have fun and embrace the uncertainty.
  2. Be open to new relationships and nurture them as best you can.
  3. Hold on to the strong relationships of your past but make room for new people in your life.
  4. Dont be afraid to ask for help.
  5. Lean on your family. 
  6. Be confident in yourself. 
  7. Make mistakes, fall down and pick yourself back up.
  8. Give back whenever you can.

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