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How to optimize employee check-ins

Employee check-ins are a great way to keep your employees engaged, on task, and productive. Check-ins can drive employee growth, morale, and overall success. Although they are simply conversations, they can be tricky to perfect and very easy to put off or overthink.

We’ve put together some tips to help you optimize your employee check-in process so that you and your employees can start benefiting from this practice ASAP.

Create a checklist for your check-ins

Creating a checklist for your check-ins will help you layout exactly what information needs to be discussed along with the frequency and cadence of your check-ins. This will help you standardize the process so that it becomes second nature for both your employees and you. A checklist will help remove confusion and allow you to focus on what is most important.

Share your checklist with your employees

Don’t blindside your employees. Let them know upfront what kind of information you want to know from them so they can be prepared. If you have a checklist, share it with them! You will both be on the same page about what you need to discuss, and your meetings will be much more effective overall.

Don’t micromanage

The point is to check in on your employee’s progress and help them determine what they need to be successful, not to tell them what to do or to do their work for them. Micromanagement will hinder progress and decrease employee morale, as well as waste your valuable time. 

Focus on positive and constructive communication

Always focus on positive and constructive communication. Even if an employee is underperforming, it’s important to find a way to positively communicate this to them. You can do this by offering your support or asking them what they need to complete the task successfully. In turn, ensure that you are congratulating employees when they are successful or exceed expectations. The smallest bit of employee recognition will go a long way in making your employee feel satisfied and validated in their position.

Employee check-ins may currently be low on your list of priorities… but optimizing your process will make them easier and much more valuable. Communication is an absolutely key aspect of the most successful and engaging company cultures. When you communicate with your team, your team will absolutely thrive.