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How To Put Together A Good PowerPoint Presentation

Presentations are inevitable in business today, whether it comes from presenting something to a client or communicating to your staff. The most widely used software to create a presentation is Microsoft PowerPoint. Below are a few pointers on how to make your presentation a success.


Put together a set of cue cards, so you are not constantly looking up at the screen. This also helps you to make eye contact with your audience and asses their engagement with the information you are sharing. Make your cue cards different from what you have written on your monitor as your audience is more apt to focus this way. The slides are there to support your words, not to replicate them. The cue cards help remind you to say what you came to say.


Ensure your slides include legitimate facts that back up what you are saying. Include quality photos to support facts and statistics. Include visual graphs, surveys and pieces of reports. Sell your point, get your ideas across and make it as exciting as possible.


Try not to hand out your slides or any written information regarding your presentation before you present. If you do, the audience will most likely spend more time reading rather than listening to your presentation. The goal of a presentation is to get the audience engaged and listening. Let your listeners know that you will be handing out a written hard copy at the end of the presentation. The hard copy should include some type of summary, references, annotations and contact information.


Don’t include full paragraphs in a slide, just use key points. These key points should be used as reference to what you are about to fully present and communicate. Cut out any unnecessary visuals and sounds, this can be distracting to your audience and can even deter them from absorbing all of the information. Try to make your presentation is interactive as possible, ask questions, get people involved and ask for feedback. Get your audience inspired and cut right to the point. Be enthusiastic. Present and practise beforehand as if there are no slides in front of you. Use your cue cards only as reference, and don’t read off of them throughout the whole presentation.

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