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Tips for Managing a LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform that houses numerous job opportunities, network connections, businesses and content. Tapping into this network is a great way for your business to build on its online brand presence, which is an important business strategy in this day and age. To gain all the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer, you’ll want to make sure that you are utilizing it effectively.

 Here are some tips for managing a LinkedIn Business Page:


Make sure your business page is completely filled out

Did you know that pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views? It is extremely important that you don’t leave any details out that your viewers would want or need to know. Make sure to complete information such as your company’s overview, website, location, company size, and what industry you’re in. Don’t forget to add a relevant cover photo and logo.


List your employees on your page

Have your employees list your organization as their place of work on their personal LinkedIn profiles, and subsequently list them on your business page. This will strengthen your company’s brand and allow viewers to see all your team members. You are also able to share content that your employees post, and it’s a great way to advocate for your employees and show your support.


Use content suggestions to share content

It’s important to not only just share your company’s information, but also other organization’s content and articles that your audience would be interested in. You can use LinkedIn’s “Content Suggestions” tab, which indicates content that has been trending on the platform over the last two weeks, to help better align valuable content you want to share with what your target audience wants to read.


Post to LinkedIn frequently

According to LinkedIn, pages that post weekly see two times more engagement. Try to post frequently so you stay relevant and provide content your viewers are interested in. To help you stay on track, develop a content calendar with a regular posting schedule and monitor the results.


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