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Karen Jones Consulting is committed to helping our industry partners
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Not only do not-for-profit organizations face the same challenges as for-profit businesses, but they also face their own unique hurdles when it comes to achieving sustainability and growth. The impact of COVID-19 has also placed an even heavier burden on organizations that typically already face challenges with capacity, workforce development, organization, planning and programming.

Capitalizing on opportunities, building capacity, developing partnerships, creating programs and products, strategic planning, and marketing and communications are more important than ever to ensure non-profit organizations succeed.

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Our tourism organizations, businesses and operators work hard to develop programs, products and experiences that collectively ensure Canada is an amazing destination to visit and explore.

KJCO is committed to strengthening our tourism industry and working with organizations and business to help them grow through strategic planning, developing products, increasing capacity, accessing funding, extending market reach, developing partnerships and creating world-class tourism experiences.

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Northern Ontario is a region of wide-open spaces and unlimited opportunity. For over a decade, KJCO has been working together with northern municipalities, organizations, associations, businesses and entrepreneurs to help them succeed.

KJCO has a deep understanding of the unique needs, opportunities, and challenges inherit to operating in Northern Ontario.

Whether you’re looking to start-up or relocate your business to Northern Ontario or you're an existing business owner or organization operating in the north, KJCO has the experience, expertise and knowledge to effectively support you in your journey.